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“these guys treat customers the way every business used to. they opened up for me on a day they were closed to install a remote start in my car because i was leaving the next morning on a road trip. i really wanted the autostart since i was traveling to a cold place and wanted to be able to warm up the car and keep the battery charged without having to go out every morning. buzz off is a great spot to get any custom installations done on your car. alarm systems, stereo, exhausts, rims, remote starts, headlights, etc.. highly recommend these guys. to notch. i just wish i had more time (and money) to get things installed in my car by these guys. they were awesome.”

- Ryan M.

“I bought a groupon for an inside and outside detail. They called back later and asked for $25 more because of the pet hair. It was on the groupon so I couldn't complain as my car was full of dog hair. (The one thing that does irk me overall in auto detailing / car wash industry - I drive a MINI Cooper it's half the size of a regular car, yet I never get a discount for bringing in such a small car. But for sure they will charge anyone for a SUV / Crossover / Truck - NOT a ding on Buzz Off - just an overall annoyance when dealing with car wash / detailing places). The detail was done well - my car looks brand new and it's 4 years old. The one thing I wish they would have warned me about - my floor mats were still wet. The next morning my car smelt musty because of this. Had I known I would have left the windows open or pulled the mats out overnight. I solved it by leaving the windows open a few days and spraying Fabreeze on them.”

- Tricia H.

“I had my car fill up with about 8 inches of water during the flood we had over the summer. It fried my speakers and radio and made the car smell like mold. I took it in, and TJ helped me out and was really great to work with. Super friendly, and was able to work with the insurance check my insurance company gave me so that I didn't even have to pay anything out of pocket. TJ and the team there re-wired all the speakers, put in a new radio, and did a REALLY great job shampooing the carpets and neutralizing the smell. I really enjoyed my experience with them which was contrary to a lot of the comments here, for what it's worth.”

- John A.

“I was really happy with the service at this place. A friend gave me their Groupon to use here after I purchased a used car. Buzzoff cleaned the inside of this car up well past my expectations. I was able to drop the car off and pick it up after hours. Couldn't have been easier. Strongly recommend”

- Marirobin J.

“I was in an emergency situation as i had to turn in my leased vehicle the next day. I had some pretty bad scrapes and dents and I knew I was going to get charged a ridiculous amount by the dealer after inspection. I took my car to Buzz Off hoping to mitigate the damages as much as possible. The guys took my car and in under an hour was able to get the car in much more presentable shape at a shockingly low price. The inspector assessed the car and determined it was normal wear and tear and I would not be responsible for additional fees. This was a miracle and I only have Buzz Off to thank. I will be back.”

- Drew M.

“I bought a Living Social deal for an interior and exterior detail. I thought their service was top notch. My car looked better than new. They also got the books and crannies that some other car washes/detail places miss.”

- Michael V.

“Buzz Off always does excellent work. They are first class all the way. They have worked on all my cars and I have never had an issue. Most recently they installed IPOD cable in my Commander. I would recommend them to anyone.”

- A Google User

“This was a terrific experience! I'm new in town, and I decided to go with Buzz Off after being scared away from Mickey Shorr by their terrible reviews. Plus, I had found a deal on Groupon for the remote car starter I wanted to get for my husband for Xmas. I was told by Mark that some cars require an additional fee due to some sort of fancy computery thing in the vehicle's key. I brought my van in to see if this applied to me, and if not, I was going to schedule an appointment and come back for installation (we only have one car, so the timing had to be right). I got there, and within 5 minutes Mark had told me the fee would not apply to my car. And then instead of scheduling an appointment and going home to buy the coupon, Mark got me in immediately and the remote starter was installed in under an hour. The service was friendly and helpful. The job was well done and quickly done. And I'm sure my husband will be very happy with his gift...but he'll just have to wait until Xmas to find out about it!”

- M L.

“I took my 1999 Mustang to Buzz Off Auto to have the engine cleaned and the car detailed. The car is 13 years old and has some normal wear and tear, but when Buzz was done the car looked brand new. The employees and owner were all cordial and professional. My car also had the windows tinted by someone else. It was a terrible job. Buzz Off was able to remove the old tint and re-tint the care at a reasonable price, and the tint job was wonderful. I recommend Buzz Off to anyone who needs any type of work or service on their vehicle.”

- Mike P.

“I brought my BMW to Buzz Off to have a complete detail and i was amazed at how it came out. It looks better than the day I bought it! Those guys' attention to detail is incredible! I would absolutely recommend them to anybody!”

- A Google User


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