Windshield Wipers

Heated Windshield Wipers


Clean your windshield like you clean your dishes; HOT always cleans better than cold!

The Heated Wash has been proven to be safe and effective in tests on all types of windshield glass and in many environments.

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

We Work With All Major Insurance Providers!

Cash or Insurance - We are competitive on all quotes!

We know that you want your car to look like new and to have only windshields and glass parts that meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. All of our glass installations come with a leak-proof guarantee.

Our installation methods employ the absolute best in urethane technology. This ensures that your vehicle's structural integrity is maintained, which is vitally import in the event of a collision in which an air bag deploys.
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Car Seat Heater — Auto Repair Troy in Troy, MI

Seat Heaters

Seat heaters can be installed in almost any vehicle. Seat covers are easily removed and the heating elements are adhered to the seat base foam.

The seat cover is then re-installed according to the original factory design. The seat heaters do not change the look of the seat, but they do enhance the feel and comfort.

Each seat heater is individually fused and safely wired into the vehicle's electrical system. A separate lighted switch is provided with each system.

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Seat Heater — Auto Repair Troy in Troy, MI
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